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The Hygiene Doctor has been at the forefront of a number of hygiene campaigns covering a range of topics from dirty desks to healthy hands. Whatever the topic she is able to cut through the jargon and present the information to the general  public in a way that is easy to understand without being to frightening.

The links below show examples of a number of her recent campaigns; if you would like to speak to the Hygiene Doctor about fronting your next hygiene campaign, please contact us today.

Cuticura’s Family Hand Health

In 2011 Cuticura ran a Family Hand Health campaign, to promote the benefits of regular hand washing both in the home and when out and about.

Hand Hygiene Tips

The Hygiene Doctor offers 10 simple hand hygiene tips to keep your hands, and tummies,  healthy.

See the campaign here.

Hazardous Hobbies

As part of the campaign, Dr Lisa also looked at 10 popular family activities that can put you at risk if hand hygiene falls by the wayside.

See the campaign here.

Sheila’s Wheels Home Insurance

The popular insurance company worked with the Hygiene Doctor to research the habits of Brits in bed. No…not like that, but did you know that 24% of Londoners don’t change their bedding for a month, and 42% of the country regularly eating in bed.

See the campaign here.

Electrolux Washing Up Study

The Hygiene Doctor led a swabbing study into the state of our kitchen sinks, as part of the  Stop Washing Up Week in 2012. Once the flaws in our washing up habits were highlighted, the Hygiene Doctor showed us how to fix them.

See the campaign here.

See the Hearts FM news article on Stop Washing up Week here.

Innovate Services Lunch Box Amnesty

We send our children off to school every day with a, hopefully,  nutritious packed lunch, but are we also sending them off with some nasty bugs in their boxes?

Innovate Services worked with Dr Lisa to look at the contents of our lunch, and also what might lurk on the inside of our lunch boxes.

See a report on the campaign here.

Jeyes Fluid Garden Hygiene Study

As summer finally arrived in 2013 The Hygiene Doctor and her expert team went out into the gardens of England to see if there were any hygiene hazards there. The results showed that the food preparation areas on your BBQ might actually contain more germs that your toilet seat!

See a report on the campaign here. 

Lec Fridge Study

Refrigeration company Lec commissioned Dr Lisa to study what we really keep in our fridge, and also to expose some common fridge myths. The results were not for the faint hearted!

See the campaign here.

Dettol Garden Play Study

A champion of hygiene, the Hygiene Doctor is also very keen to ensure that we don’t stop living full lives because we are taking hygiene to the extreme. The Dettol study showed an alarming rise in sedentary activities for children, as parents are too afraid to simply let them go out and play.

Read the Daily Express article on the study here. 

Read the Daily Mirror article on the study here. 

Viking Office Safety Study

With increased demands on the average office worker, more and more of us are working through our lunch breaks. But if you have spent all day at your desk, and if someone else was maybe there the day before, how healthy is it to eat there?

See the campaign here.

See a report on the campaign here.

Prima Magazine Article on Dettol Home Hygiene Study

Following the Dettol Home Hygiene Study, Prima Magazine published Dr Lisa’s 10 top tips for home hygiene.

Read the article here. 

The Hygiene Council – Kitchen Nightmares

Working with The Hygiene Council, The Hygiene Doctor found that whilst we have learnt great hygiene habits in the bathroom, our kitchens are turning into a Hygiene Hotspot!



"Dr Lisa Ackerley is passionate about improving awareness of hygiene. Whether at home, work, on holiday, or simply out-and-about, she wants to help you keep safe."