Just what the doctor ordered

If you have amazing products that you couldn’t live without, don’t keep the secret to yourself,  let us know so that we can test them and recommend them to others.

We have suggested where you can buy the products, although they may also be available at other retailers.

Note: The Hygiene Doctor does not endorse any one retailer and does not receive any money for recommending these products

Barkeepers Friend

This little pot of magic scrubs up stainless steel and can even remove rust from clothes. It can be used across the household from the kitchen to the garage.

Buy this product at Robert Dyas

Method Granite Cleaner

Great for polishing and cleaning shiny granite surfaces, Method Granite Cleaner is non toxic, so when your sufarces are so clean you can eat off them, you don’t have to worry when the kids actually do eat off them!

Buy this product at Sainsburys or any other major supermarket

HG Ceramic Hob Thorough Cleaner

This product gets rid of those impossible burned on stains on the glass tops of induction and ceramic hobs. I thought I had ruined my hob forever when a new pan left a nasty residue – a quick search on the internet suggested I try this product, and it worked like magic.  A friend had the same problem, and was also delighted when I recommended it.

Buy this product at Robert Dyas and Home Base

HG Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaner

I use this product to keep my hob clean and shiny.

Buy this product on Amazon, Home Base or Robert Dyas

Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner

An absolute godsend for anyone who dreads cleaning their oven, Oven Pride is a simple, and very powerful product which will melt away burnt on grease overnight. There is also a nifty bag for the racks and shelves, which solves the problem of the product dripping off, or more annoyingly, your bath being out of action, whilst you soak them in there. It even comes with a pair of disposable gloves to help keep your hands safe!

Buy this product at Asda or any other major supermarket

Mesh Food Umbrella

Do you worry about flies getting your al fresco meal before you do? This is a food cover which works like an umbrella. I first bought one in France and was delighted to see them for sale in the UK for under £5, so I snapped some up and sent one to a friend. They fold down so are easy to store and keep the flies off your food when dining outside.

Buy this product at Wilkinsons, or other Homewares stores



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