About Dr. Lisa Ackerley

Dr Lisa Ackerley has been a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner for over 30 years and her work has taken her on some very interesting journeys. Ever since writing her PhD, Dr Lisa has been passionate about making a difference to public health by ensuring consumer hygiene issues are easy to understand – whether you are at home, work or on holiday.

Dr Lisa is an expert in the commercial food safety arena, working as an expert witness for food law and practice, and is regularly called upon to comment on public hygiene issues in the media. She also appears on prime time consumer shows such as Watchdog, Rogue Restaurants and Holiday Hit Squad in addition to many radio shows and TV news programmes. She is Visiting Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Salford and Professorial Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. She was Food Safety Adviser to the UKHospitality from 2015-2021. Dr Lisa is a Trustee and Deputy Chair of the IFH which is a great source of scientific information on home hygiene and a Trustee of the RSPH.

As an independent spokesperson on public health and consumer hygiene issues, Dr Lisa has built up a wealth of knowledge, which she wants to share with you so that you can be in a position to protect yourself and your family. Take a look at her YouTube channel Kitchen Conversation where she chats about food safety issues with fellow Chartered EHP, Sterling Crew.

A mother of three, Dr Lisa has first hand knowledge of how hard it can be to juggle family and work, whilst avoiding the pitfalls which could lead to a tummy bug, or worse. The Hygiene Doctor offers practical, user-friendly and most importantly realistic advice.

Dr Lisa’s Top Tips

For all those questions you never dared to ask, or worse you could never find the answer too, The Hygiene Doctor’s Top Tips and blog cover the A-Z of home hygiene and public health issues to help you stay informed. If you have a question she hasn’t covered then contact her, or send her a tweet.

Case Studies

Dr Lisa has led a number of PR campaigns for big brands such as Dettol, Viking and Cuticura. For information on these projects contact us. If you work for a PR company and would like Dr Lisa to help with your next environmental hygiene campaign, The Media Centre is a showcase of some of the work Dr Lisa has carried out for newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio. For any media requests please contact lisa@hygienedoctor.co.uk..



"Dr Lisa Ackerley is passionate about improving awareness of hygiene. Whether at home, work, on holiday, or simply out-and-about, she wants to help you keep safe."