• Talking about Kevin (my iRobot Roomba)

    I was very sceptical about whether a robot could do my vacuuming effectively and efficiently, and whether it would be a gadget that gets put to the back of the cupboard after a few days of fun.

    How wrong I was! I can’t do without Kevin, my new cleaner.

    Works from an App

    Kevin can be switched on remotely, and once he has mapped out the house, I can select areas for him to clean. He can be scheduled to get to work whenever is convenient. He gets under the sofas (which is more than many humans do) and when he runs out of steam, he scuttles back to his charging base and shoots the dust he’s picked up and compacted into a compartment, so he is empty and ready for next time. He even sends text messages about progress to my phone.

    Ok, I know, he can’t do the skirting boards or the ceilings, but Kevin works tirelessly to keep the dust and pet hair at bay. I can do a bit of dusting now and again, but he keeps the floors very clean – with no effort at all from me! This gives me time to do some targeted hygiene – disinfecting where it counts (touch points, for example).

    I don’t have a dust mite allergy, but if I did, Kevin really would be my new best friend, digging out the dust; some people are allergic to dust mite poo, which can cause symptoms such as a constant runny nose and it can also exacerbate asthma. To reduce dust mites, apart from cleaning the floors, other tips are:

    • Use hard surface flooring
    • Have furniture on legs so it is easier to clean under
    • Use pillow protectors
    • Clean pillows and duvets regularly – in two years around 10% of the weight of a pillow can comprise of dust mite poo!
    • Open windows to let moisture out of the bedroom in the morning
    • Throw back the duvet when you get up to air it

    Whilst Kevin can’t do those other things, he can take the chore and boredom out of vacuuming and for that he definitely gets my vote.

    Here are some links to Kevin and a Kitchen Conversation about him!


    Kevin the robot cleaner


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