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    COVID-19 Hygiene Tips (8) Money!

    It is becoming more and more common for wonderful volunteers or family to go shopping for those who are more vulnerable, or for local shops to deliver foods to those who should not go out.

    If you can’t easily pay by electronic means, then you may still be using cash. But you may be worried about the risk that money could be contaminated by those handling it.

    Here some simple suggestions:

    Put money in a named envelope or labelled plastic freezer bag for your helper to collect. Don’t seal it down so they can use it to give you your change.

    When they return with your shopping, ask them to put the change in the envelope.

    Put the envelope in a safe place, wash your hands and then leave the envelope for 72 hours and then use the money as normal.

    When out shopping

    Many stores are now making a good stab at social distancing at the tills to reduce risks to shoppers and staff.

    If I have to go to the shops, I try to limit what I buy to the contactless limit, but for a weekly family shop this won’t work.

    I plan ahead and take just one card with me in my pocket so I don’t have to handle my wallet.

    If you have hand sanitiser, or the store has some, use it before and after using the chip and pin machine, (unless the store has just sanitised the machine in front of you). Otherwise assume your hands may be contaminated, keep them out of your face, and wait till you can go home to wash them immediately you get home.

    This information is written in good faith based on current advice, and will be updated as is possible. The author does not take any responsibility for how the advice is applied. Answers to individual questions may take a while.


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