• COVID-19 Hygiene tips – social distancing at home (6)

    Social distancing at home

    Government advice is for us to stay at home to protect ourselves and others. by keeping to ourselves we can help stop the spread of this disease.

    Health care professionals and essential home care workers are trained to ensure that they protect you. Some family members may need to perform these duties, and they will be following the detailed advice.

    I’m just talking here about unnecessary visitors.

    No need for unnecessary visitors!

    At a time when we are limiting contact with the outside world, how many people may be actually letting the outside world into their houses?

    We are naturally sociable, and it is easy to forget that at the moment we need to keep our distance.

    We don’t know who is carrying the disease because they may not have symptoms so we must assume, as the epidemic takes more of a grip, that everyone could be infected, even if they look well, and even if we know, love and trust them.

    Remember the Journey of the Germ and how to break it – stop being close to people, watch out for the things we and others touch which could become infected.

    It is a horrible time, but we need to keep safe and help the NHS.

    Quick tips!

    • Avoid having any tradespeople inside your house unless it is an absolute emergency. You don’t need a water meter just now, a new kitchen, the bedroom re-decorated!
    • Don’t have any hairdressing, beauty treatments, massage etc. done at home.
    • Stop inviting people in for a cup of tea
    • No more social gatherings at your house – this includes dinner parties, BBQs
    • Don’t offer refreshments to people over the garden fence or at the front door – touch points can be infected (such as a cup)
    • If you have a gardener, or window cleaner and they are still working, arrange when they come and keep inside when they are there. Don’t be tempted to offer them the usual cup of tea! If they touch anything you may touch in the next 3 days after their visit, disinfect it after they leave.
    • There may be children in your household who you look after, but don’t invite others in
    • Don’t pet other people’s cats – it may be a very low risk, but keep your hands off!
    • If someone is doing an errand for you, pay by BACS if you can, or do an IOU. Or put money aside in an envelope in your house for 3 days before you hand it over. When they return, tell them to ring the bell and step back 2m (see Deliveries blog). Ask for the change to go in the envelope and leave it for 3 days


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