• Coronavirus and going on a cruise

    My friend is going on a cruise next week and was worried about #coronavirus so I thought I’d offer her a bit of advice on how to protect herself :

    • Make sure you take anti microbial wipes for the plane to use on hand touch areas around the seat and use high alcohol hand gel when you get to your seat.
    • Don’t rub your eyes nose or mouth unless hands are clean.
    • Use hand gel on disembarking and before and after passport control or whenever you think you may have touched a lot of hand contact surfaces
    • On the boat use Sanitizing wipes to disinfect hand contact surfaces in the cabin on arrival.
    • Always wash hands immediately when you enter the cabin. May be worth using the wipes on high touch areas after the cleaners have been in as well Include: tap and loo flush handles, kettle handles, door knobs, bedside tables.
    • Packing list: – High alcohol (60%+) hand gel in small size for plane, large size in suitcase – Anti microbial wipes, small pack for plane, several larger packs for suitcase – Tissues
    • Then I said “have a good time!”

    a) am I being over the top

    b) have I missed anything?!



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