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    Take a look at Kitchen Conversation, where I discuss food safety issues with my colleague Sterling Crew. We introduce current food safety topics and invite dialogue on our Linked In Group.

    Find v-blogs on our Kitchen Conversation YouTube channel and join in the discussions with others on our LinkedIn Group. Some exciting new developments are coming up soon.

    Food allergens are in the news daily, and we have a number of videos on this topic already. In our latest v-blog, Allergencast we discuss the problems and unforeseen consequences of labelling changes. In future, we will see ingredient and allergen labels on packed foods on sale in catering businesses. However, some businesses are caught up in this where they thought they were not in scope. Foods sold from behind a counter may have to have a label, even though the customer won’t be able to see it.

    We also discuss the problem arising because the new English law doesn’t define the term “pre-packed food for direct sale.” This is causing a lot of confusion – the last thing anyone wants.

    The recent tightening of allergen labelling rules aims to give the food allergy sufferers greater confidence in making safe food choices. However, we fear that the new rules may actually make matters worse.


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