• Shoes: on or off in the house?

    I’ve just been asked all about whether you should take your outdoor shoes off when you come home and here are some very good reasons:

    You may have stepped in:

    • Dog poo
    • In fields – any sort of poo!
    • In the park – duck or other bird poo
    • Mud
    • Dirt in toilets, trains, buses, pavements
    • Rubbish

    The sorts of things you could bring in with your shoes could include:

    • Campylobacter
    • Nasty strains of E. coli
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Parasitic worms

    So if you keep your outdoor shoes on round the house, you are trailing all that mud, dirt and germs round the house.

    If you have toddlers and babies, then “shoes off” is a good policy as they could be crawling in dirt and picking up germs from the floor which they then put in their mouths.

    Drop some food on the floor and think the 5s rule is going to save you? No it won’t – all those bacteria will stick to the food straight away and go in your tummy – and with “shoes on policy” then there will be even more dirt than ever on the floor.

    But surely a bit of dirt good for you? The question is always asked. Most microbes are indeed harmless and some are even good for us – but just take a moment to keep the ones away that could cause illness, and if you have babies, toddlers, or are elderly, pregnant or vulnerable you need to be even more careful.

    Apart from anything else, what a pain to have to clean the floor after someone has walked around in dirty shoes – drives me mad!

    So lazy hygiene – keep the shoes off and keep the dirt and bugs down.

    Oh yes, and when you come in, remember to wash your hands as well – it’s worth the trouble, particularly if you have been commuting on public transport, or shopping.



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