• A day in the life of a kitchen cloth

    Woke up this morning feeling like a little dry cloth, but soon enough they soaked me in dirty water when they cleaned the sink – all that washing up left overnight. It was so greasy but my cloth fabric picks up the dirt so well. Sink looks great now, but what about me? They chucked me in the corner all scrunched up so those pesky bacteria are growing away and making me smell horrible.

    They leave me in peace until someone comes in to make coffee which they spill on the floor – they grab me and wipe up the mess – adding even more muck on my once lovely blue fabric. The floor is very dirty anyway, and now it is all over me!

    Again, chucked in the corner of the sink, and left to fester – even more bacteria now, millions of them breeding like crazy – makes me feel quite sick!

    Dirty kitchen cloth

    One of the family comes in to make a chicken burger for lunch – puts the raw chicken on the worktop and does the prep – then uses me to wipe up! Don’t they realise that there may be Campylobacter in the mix now?
    Someone comes in and puts their handbag on the surface – ugh it has probably been on the floor on the tube or worse, maybe a public toilet!

    Maybe they think about that so they wipe the surface with me and my smelly friends before making a sandwich – they think they are cleaning up but in fact they are spreading Campylobacter and whatever was on the bottom of the bag and the floor all over the worktop, so the sandwich is then contaminated!

    Not only that, but their hands are also contaminated – they have actually made everything dirtier by using me! If they just lick their fingers or eat the sandwich with Campylobacter on their hands, they would easily eat the 500 Campylobacter it takes to be ill – well they wouldn’t have a clue it was me or their hands that made them ill, because it takes 2-5 days – bet they would blame the local take-away.

    • Finally someone decides I look unsightly and they put me in a saucepan to cook me up with some washing powder. Hooray! Clean and hygienic at last – you should see the muck that came off me – oh that feels so much better – but of course, you can’t see the dead bacteria.

    Dirty water from cloth


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