• Help a Child Reach Five with hand washing

    Visit to Bangladesh to Talk about Hand Washing

    Last week I attended the World Organization of Family Doctors (South Asia Region) in Bangladesh to present a paper about hand-washing and how the RSPH were involved in accrediting the Lifebuoy campaign “Help a Child Reach Five.”

    The Unilever Lifebuoy “Help a Child Reach 5” Campaign is being used in many areas of the developing world including Bangladesh to spread the message about hand washing with soap, which is recognised by the World Health Organisation as being one of the most simple, affordable and effective ways of preventing ill-health and saving lives (WHO 2013). This Campaign is the first of its kind to receive accreditation from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

    I used some of the excellent materials on my trip to Zambia last year, when I implemented a hand-washing programme at the Robert Shitima Project in Kabwe. The “Lifebuoy School of Five”Putting up soap dispensers to encourage hand washing message is for children to wash their hands on at least 5 occasions a day:

    • After the toilet
    • Before breakfast
    • Before lunch
    • Before supper
    • Before bed

    We put up soap dispensers to encourage hand washing and are pleased that we have now secured a supply of liquid soap for the project. No excuses!!


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