• Going to the Toilet

    How Easy is Going to the Toilet?

    I have just got up from my desk to visit the toilet about 5m away – how simple; when I returned to my desk, after washing my hands with nice soap, warm water and paper towels, I read with interest the Truckers’ Toilets UK newsletter.Humidification....

    Spare a moment to think of how awful it must be to be on the road and need the toilet – particularly if you have to park up a massive truck first, even if you can find a toilet. then consider all the other people who don’t have easy access to a clean toilet and wash basin: postmen / women, couriers, bike couriers, people carrying out surveys on the streets – the list goes on.The difficulties that arise from this are more than just inconvenience:

    • Urinary infections and bowel issues because of “holding it in”
    • Going to the loo on the side of the road or in alley ways – public health issues, nuisance to others, embarrassment
    • Not being able to wash your hands – infection risks when eating
    • Stress and anxiety

    So if you get a delivery driver who asks to use the loo – I hope you will allow them to use yours. Apparently many companies don’t allow it.



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