• My Washing Machine Door Broke – with my Washing inside!

    Broken Washing Machine Door

    Washing machine doorWhat a calamity – household of 5 people, washing machine not letting me have my washing back! I tried everything, the emergency release button didn’t work, neither did the reset, the nice customer service help-line couldn’t help.

    So I had to call someone out – and yes, you’ve guessed it, the washing was going to have to stay there for 5 days till the engineer came (and when he came, you guessed it, he didn’t have the part)!

    My major concern was first was there anything crucial stuck in there, that was needed for school etc? Fortunately not. Then a nasty thought occurred to me – what was going to happen to all that warm damp washing in 5 days? So I used my environmental health knowledge and decided that I would rinse the clothes every day and spin them, and for good measure I used some Dettol Laundry Cleanser as well.

    The outcome was when the washing was released, no smell, and very clean! But a very big pile of washing had built up which I am just clearing now – that machine has been working over-time. Serves it right.


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