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Ever wondered if your toilet seat is cleaner than your chopping board? Or if you need to clean your garden furniture after it’s rained? Well this is the page for you! We have gathered together lots of hygiene factoids for you, or rather Hygiene Doctoids, which will give you the information you need, fast. For more detailed advice, check out Dr Lisa’s blog.

About Lisa Ackerley

Dr Lisa Ackerley, has over 30 years’ experience as an Environmental Health Practitioner. Having won the SOFHT award for The Most Significant contribution to the Food Industry, Dr Lisa is recognised as an expert by her industry peers and her Environmental Health Colleagues. She is Visiting Professor of at the University of Salford and Professorial Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health.

Media & PR

Dr Lisa has appeared on a number of Television and Radio programmes as an industry expert and presenter. She accompanied Joe Crowley on BBC1′s Holiday Hit Squad, featured as the hygiene expert on Rogue Restaurants and has appeared on top level consumer shows including BBC 1’s Watchdog. In PR she has fronted campaigns for a number of companies to help promote hygiene awareness.

"Dr Lisa Ackerley is passionate about improving awareness of hygiene. Whether at home, work, on holiday, or simply out-and-about, she wants to help you keep safe."