• Fight winter bugs with hygiene

    Keep the winter bugs away! Simple, practical tips.

    It is that time of year when many people find themselves with colds, flu or norovirus – those typical winter bugs. But getting ill is not a foregone conclusion, and there are some things we can do to protect ourselves against illness. Many of my tips are very cheap, if not free, and by taking a bit of responsibility for our health, we can help to reduce the risk of illness. I think it is worth the effort!Read more

  • helpful tips to get formula ready in a hurry, safely

    Baby hungry for formula! Speed & safety

    Getting formula ready in a hurry

    All parents have been there – someone hasn’t sterilised the bottles, there is no made up formula in the fridge, and it is 3 am and your baby is waking the whole household and probably the street as well! You are half asleep, desperate to go back to sleep but need to get it sorted. Quickly. But above all safely because babies are more susceptible to disease.

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  • BBQ Hygiene in the garden

    Is your Garden Hygienic?

    Is your Garden Hygienic for Summer?

    Well summer is here isn’t it? Are we sturdy Brits going to pretend it’s nice and warm this weekend and get out in the garden? But before you do, have a quick think about what may be lurking on the BBQ and patio, chairs and tables and spend a few minutes making sure that it is safe for your family and friends. We are not talking about getting a sterile garden of course – that would be ridiculous, but here are some pointers of where a bit of cleaning at the right time in the right place may just help prevent illness if you are intending to eat outside.

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  • Are you washing up in a bacterial soup?

    Dr Lisa Ackerley was commissioned to find out how people were washing up

    Recently for the Stop Washing Up Campaign we carried out a survey to see what people got up to when they washed up.

     Key findings were:

    • Water was too cold to kill bacteria -most families were using lukewarm water!
    • Washing up bowls were contaminated with bacteria
    • 95% of scourers and sponges were disgusting – some even had E. coli on them!
    • 60% of tea towels were unsatisfactory – some also had E.coli on them
    • People use their sinks for cleaning all sorts of items – from dog bowls to football boots!Read More

    The trouble I have found is that if water is hot enough temperature to kill bacteria –  then it could burn your hands!

    But if you don’t kill dangerous bacteria that could be present on raw meat and poultry, then this could make you ill.

    What can you do? In this video I discuss washing up by hand.



    It makes you want to rush out and get a dishwasher!

    Dishwashers can give you reassurance of a hygienic washIf you can’t afford a dishwasher, you will still need to kill dangerous bacteria which may survive unless your dish washing water temperature is above 60 °C (this would scald you)!

    Here are some tips:

    • If you prepare raw chicken or meat clean utensils and work surfaces with an anti-bacterial spray and paper towel
    • After washing up, pour a final hot water rinse over crockery and utensil to kill the bacteria
    • Change your tea towel every day and wash them at 60 °C or above
    • Wash your dishcloths with tea towels (I gather up a few days’ worth and then do them all together)
    • Drain your dishes in a clean drainer (check out the cutlery drainer – it quickly gets horrid)!
  • Hello from the Hygiene Doctor!

    A very warm welcome to the Hygiene Doctor web site!

    On this site my aim is to help de-mystify all there is to know about food safety and environmental health – whether you are a mum, dad, child, a food handler, business owner, TV or radio producer, newspaper or magazine journalist, this site is where you can find all you need to know about bacteria & viruses and how we can get the better of them!

    If you can’t find what you are looking for, then do ask me!