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    Spice Alert – contamination with nuts

    Nut Allergy Alert!

    Recently two spices have been found to be contaminated with nuts in the UK – ground cumin and paprika. Ground almonds have been identified which could have severe consequences for anyone with an allergy to this nut. In addition, testing in the USA and Canada found peanut protein in cumin, so watch this space. For more information about what spices have been recalled, look at the Food Standards Agency Website regularly.

    At the time of writing these are recalled products in relation to contaminated paprika:

    • Morrison’s Fajita Meal Kit
    • Aldi Fiesta brand Fajita Dinner Kitnuts
    • A batch of Discovery Taco Seasoning (best before 24 June 2017).
    • Morrisons Enchilada Dinner Kit
    • Morrisons Fajita Dinner Kit
    • Sainsbury’s Enchilada Kit
    • Tesco Fajitas Meal Kit
    • Discovery Chilli Con Carne Seasoning
    • Santa Maria Chilli Season & Sauce
    • Santa Maria Enchilada Season & sauce
    • For cumin, the withdrawal is Barts Ground Cumin which was withdrawn from sale on 31 January.

    Action if you are concerned about nuts in spices or food containing spices

    • Grinding your own whole cumin may be a good plan in the meantime
    • Avoid spice mixes
    • I would also advise extreme caution to people who are allergic to almonds or peanuts when eating in restaurants likely to be using paprika and cumin in foods
    • Ask questions to get reassurance before ordering to check that the restaurant is aware of the issue, and that they have taken necessary action.
    • Keep checking the FSA web-site for more details – there are updates daily.
    • Check labels when shopping and be extremely careful if paprika or cumin is on the label – we may not have seen the end of this situation.

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