• Campylobacter: 7 Top Tips to Reduce Risks at Home

    food and drink - raw whole chickenCampylobacter – What Consumers Need to Know

    Whilst the Food Standards Agency battles with the problem of contaminated chickens in the food chain and has to put out a revised strategy for reducing its incidence, we consumers need to be vigilant to do our best not put ourselves at risk from Campylobacter, in the knowledge that the latest figures from the FSA show that 65% of chickens are contaminated with this nasty bug. The good news, is that Campylobacter is preventable, and simple good hygiene can prevent it!


    Seven Top Tips to Help Prevent Campylobacter in the Home


    C ross contamination can spread campylobacter found in 65% of chickens

    A fter preparing raw chicken disinfect surfaces and utensils (dishwasher or antibacterial cleanser)

    M ake sure you NEVER wash raw chicken

    P lace raw chicken at the bottom of the fridge.

    Y our dirty cloths can transfer bacteria. Use disposables or wash at + 60C

    L ather up and wash hands after handling raw chicken

    O nly serve chicken if it has reached 75oC.


    Campylobacter can cause very painful abdominal cramps and diarrhoea which can continue for some weeks. It is also associated with other side effects which may continue for many months, even years. For example, reactive arthritis or Guillain-Barr√© syndrome – which affects the body’s immune system and attacks the nervous system.


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