• Pets are great, but take care when cleaning up dog poo

    Dog Poo and What to do with It!

    Dog Poo – how to stay safe

    Dog Poo Bins

    Over the last 20 years the British public have become much, much better at cleaning up after their dogs, but there is still a risk from the poo bins that you find in most public spaces, as with so many ‘deposits’ being made into these there is a risk of contamination on the lids and sides. Sadly I don’t have a dog at the moment, but here are some practical tips for dealing with poo!

    • When scooping up poo, use an inverted plastic bag, or one of those brilliant cardboard scoops
    • When opening poo bins use the foot pedal if possible to open the bin, and if there isn’t one, then my elbow was always quite good – if really stuck then I used a tissue to avoid getting anything on your hands.
    • Carry a hand sanitizer with you when you walk the dog
    • Make sure you wash your hands as soon as you get home

    Not all dog owners are as careful however, so make sure if you are playing in the park with the children they don’t eat anything without washing their hands first.  If you can’t get to a wash basin, then hand sanitiser does come in handy but won’t get dirt off, so anti-bacterial hand wipes are very useful as well!

    During a recent hygiene study I used the local park as a control. I was horrified to see the state of the open sandpit, as it was exposed to any number of animals…sand is very popular with cats as kitty litter.
    I don’t want to take the fun out of the park, as it’s great for kids to play outdoors, but just do a quick scan of the area before the children play, and MAKE SURE THEY WASH THEIR HANDS afterwards!!


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